Legal services outsourcing is one of the options available to our clients which normally involves advising clients under pre-agreed terms on their daily legal matters. Instead of hiring in-house lawyers our clients for a reasonable fee receive an access to multi-disciplinary and high-quality services of a team of experienced lawyers with expertise in various areas of law.

Legal services outsourcing as alternative to in-house lawyer provides to our clients a number of benefits, including:

  • reduction of operating costs related to employment of an in-house lawyer;
  • no burden of insurance contribution payments to various funds (Pension Fund of Russia, Social Security Fund etc) resulted from employment of an in-house lawyer;
  • no burden of certain social guarantees provided to in-house lawyer under Russian employment law (e.g. paid leave, sick pay, redundancy payments etc.); and
  • deductibility of legal outsourcing costs from corporate taxable income.
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